Murals are painted using acrylic artists paints over the toned sky which was done in 'flat" acrylic house paint. Tools used were: 1" basting brush, coarse and fine sponges, palette knife and a fan brush. In contrast to the last layout, the horizon was kept low and the distant mountains low in order to give the feeling that the viewer is at ground level.  See the Clinic PDF for an explanation on setting horizons.

The sky in Dallas was painted with deep greys mixed into the blue to simulate an approaching storm. I have installed two speakers in the ceiling at this end and I play a recorded sound of thunder with distant rumblings. I recorded these sounds on individual channels in order that the separation of sounds is more distinct.  Additional sounds are included for buildings, the river and falls.  Painting of backdrops can be found on both the Backdrops link and a PDF in the Clinics section